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Branding with Kat Calaway

July 17, 2022 Kathryn McClatchy Season 1 Episode 1
Authorpreneurs Unleashed
Branding with Kat Calaway
Show Notes

If you are wondering where to begin branding yourself as an author, or what you should focus on first, this episode is for you! So many marketing experts have experience branding products and companies, but their information doesn’t always apply to the authorpreneur. Kathryn called in her trusted branding photographer, who also happens to be a writer. In this debut episode, Kathryn and Kat discuss all things branding for authors.

Topics Discussed in the Episode


  •  Storytelling [1:04]
  •  Photography [2:19] 

Branding for Authors 

  • Misconceptions about branding [3:38] 
  • Describe your brand [4:19] 
  • Is branding dependent on industry or genre? [6:42]
  • Ideal readers [8:09]
  • Branding advice [9:36]

Branding Photography for Authors 

  • Why do I need a branding photographer [11:15] 
  • What to look for in a branding photographer [14:04] 
  • Tips for a great photoshoot [17:53] 
  • When to update brand photos [19:34] 
  • Licensing questions [21:30]
  • How to look more natural in photos [25:16]
  • Write hard and clear about what hurts [34:57]


  • About Kat’s current WIP [39:23]
  • Last Fast Three [41:47]

Big Takeaway:
“I would say show up online and show your face and then show us where it is that you write, show us where it is that you're doing the thing that you love to do… little points of connection, and then just show up and be yourself. They want to see you.” ~~ Kat Calaway

About Kat Calaway:

Kat is a storytelling photographer & educator south of Fort Worth, Texas. She helps sentimental moms feel beautiful, while capturing home + work life in heartfelt photos during a family or personal brand photo session. Her soulful black-and-white imagery paired with her Christian faith and a willingness to share everything she knows about motherhood, photography, and business, are what distinguish her as both artist & entrepreneur. She's currently curating a collection of poetic words + images for her first book, coming soon! 

Learn more about Kat at, or connect with her on Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn

Kat’s free resource: Branding guide

Episode transcript:

Ep 01 Transcript

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