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Product Management with Kelley Rene

August 07, 2022 Kathryn McClatchy Season 1 Episode 4
Authorpreneurs Unleashed
Product Management with Kelley Rene
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Are you wishing for more time to write? Wondering how to make your writing time more productive?

Kelley Rene is a wife and mother, full-time product manager, active in Toastmasters, and is preparing to launch her own publishing imprint. She wears many hats, and embodies the saying, “If you want something done, ask a busy person to do it.”

About Our Guest:

Kelley Rene is busy scratching out her next contemporary fic. Traveling is her passion, and meeting new people around the globe is often the inspiration for her stories. She currently lives in Panama City, Florida, with her husband and mini Australian Shepherd, Blossom. She never knows when Wanderlust will come calling and woo her away to a new locale.

Along with her contribution to Next Chapters Unleashed, she’s published three novellas, Saving Sabine, Romanian Runaway, and Kamilah. Her current work in progress is a fourth inspired-by-true-events story to be compiled with the first three novellas into a European Collection entitled Way of the Broken. She’s proud to have collaborated on the Christian nonfiction project, Embrace The Journey, which hit Amazon’s #1 Best Seller List.

Find out more at or com hang out with her on most social media platforms as @ImKelleyRene.

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