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Events with William R. "Bud" Humble

September 18, 2022 Kathryn McClatchy Season 1 Episode 10
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Events with William R. "Bud" Humble
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Episode Summary/Introduction

Do you ever feel like it's just you and your imaginary friends on this writing journey? Or that you have used up your writing inspiration, and your muse has abandoned you? Perhaps it's time to get involved in the writers community. 

Speculative fiction author William R. “Bud” Humble is no stranger to writer’s groups. He advocates for increased connection between authors– no matter where they are in their writing journey.  Bud shares his thoughts on the hows and whys of author events.

About Our Guest:

William R. Humble is a native Texan who’s been writing for longer than he feels comfortable admitting.  Though he’s dabbled in other literary areas, his love of speculative fiction keeps drawing him back. He currently has three novels and a number of short stories available on Amazon.

Bud is a founding member and current president  of W.O.R.D.–Writers Organizations ‘Round Dallas, and he is also one-third of the brains behind Writers in the Field, an annual weekend outdoor, hands-on event where writers meet experts in the areas they write about to learn and get inspiration and accurate depictions for their stories.

Learn more about William R. Humble at and on  Facebook.

Topics Discussed in the Episode

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Highlights include:

  • Writing Process
  • Local Writing Groups
  • WORDfest
  • Behind the scenes of events
  • Writers in the Field
  • Benefits of Conferences & Conventions
  • Bud wishes he had known…
  • Fast Fave Three

Resources mentioned in this episode: 

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