Authorpreneurs Unleashed

#MoodPitch with Kathleen Foxx

March 12, 2023 Kathryn McClatchy Season 2 Episode 31
Authorpreneurs Unleashed
#MoodPitch with Kathleen Foxx
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 In this episode of Authorpreneurs Unleashed, Kathryn interviews writer and editor Kathleen Foxx about Mood Boards and #MoodPitch. Learn how to use mood boards to help you write your stories, and find out more about this exciting new event that can get agents and editors interested in your work.

Kathleen Foxx is an author, editor, book reviewer, and podcaster. She, Jaimie Hunter, and Lula Lockwood are the founders and organizers of #MoodPitch.

#Mood Pitch
Twitter @moodpitchers
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Twitter @kfoxx_writes
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